Thursday, 3 June 2010

Rosedale to Breaks, VA

We found another library along the route! We are at Haysi, a very small town about 7 miles away from our destination today-Breaks. Last night we stayed at another church which apparently 'went out of business' recently, but they still allowed us to stay. After I had had set up our sleeping mats and bags on the plush red carpet near the alter, Robin was concerned that we should not be sleeping there and shouls probably set up in one of the little grotty rooms upstairs filled with dirt and spiders. My reply was 'I am sleeping here, you crack on!'. Well, a few minutes later 10 more people joined us on the alter!!

It was mine and Robin's turn to cook last night. It seemed to go down well- Chilli Con carne and Rice with a lovely side salad and Banannas and custard for after! Phew, don't have to do that again for another week.

Today we have a relatively short day, just 42 miles but the route is still very hilly and apparently does not stop until we get to Illinois so I shouls just stop moaning about it! We apparently have another 7 mile climb coming before we reach our camp for tonight - Breaks Interstate park, where I've been told there is a visitor centre where we can be presented with a pin for biking the whole distance of Virginia. Sounds good but have another 9 states still to go!

We have been bumping into alot of cyclists along the route. This time of year is full of people doing the TransAm, lots unsupported. Last night we met 2 lads, one of which was from the UK. They stayed at the church with us and we were also invited them to eat mine and Robin's delicious meal, which they appreciated as did not have any food with them. We are quite priviledged having a van with us, I cannot imagine doing it without, it is hard enough already!

Anyway better be going as we need to climb that hill!!

If you fancy a peek at fellow members of our group photos and thoughts...

- Jeff's
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  1. Hey, travelers! Great fun reading your blog as you peddle along, getting sore in places we don't even want to think about! :-)

    Love the commentary and the photos... keep up the great spirit - I imagine sleeping in a church at the foot of an alter will do that for you... :-)

    Looking forward to seeing what's left of you two in September.