Friday, 25 June 2010

Pittsburg to Chanute, KS

Our rest day in Pittsburg was short lived as always and distrupted by a 60 mile cycle today to Chanute. I think I stayed in pretty much the same gears the whole way as it was flat, flat, flat for the first time ever. About time too!! Roads in Kansas are like on a grid so its very difficult to get lost, but I'm sure Hugh could give it a good go!!! He actually turned up a few hours later than everyone else yesterday after taking a detour!!

We are staying at a church with air conditioning (great!) but with no showers (not so great when you've just finished a 60 mmiler in the heat!). So after an hour of trying to find a shower somewhere in Chanute, and Hugh spending about half hour on the phone to the local police station trying to pursuade them to let us use thier shower, only to be told that they do not have a shower at the station, we, (Kath, Hugh and I) came to the conclusion that people in Chanute just don't shower. Hugh offered to make a donation to the police station so that they could put it towards getting a shower for their officers (never mind the fact that they don't need one, they just shower before they come to work!)! The fire stations are usually pretty good and we have stayed at them before but Chanute Fir Station would not allow us to use their shower. How dissapointed we were. Again, desperate, Hugh offered to put down a $125 deposit for any damages caused!!! Thats probably why they weren't keen on us using their shower. Exactly what were we planning on doing in there???

Anyway, after another search for a shower and an hour long chat with a pastor in another church, Gerry Sharp (who told us the history of his musical family and background and called himself G Sharp (get it?),we discovered that there was a swimming pool just a couple of blocks away, with showers!!!! So now we are nicely showered up having had fun in the pool too!!!

Tonight, we are planning to head to the bar of a hotel on the same street as the church we are staying at (after a nap and for a coke!) and have also been invited by Pastor Gerry Sharp to the church for a sing song and a strum! Lets go crazy!!!

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