Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Damascus, Virginia

Sorry we haven't updated for a while, no internet access until now but I am currently sitting in a very cosy coffee shop with internet access and having +a lovely latte on our very first day off!! We have cycled almost 500 miles in 10 days without a break and I am tired and in need of a rest, so today whilst Robin is sat in the Laundromat doing the washing, I am in my full rain gear (it is pissing down!!) enjoying eating lots of food and NOT getting on that bike!

The past few days have been tough for everyone let alone me. We are currently climbing the Appalachian Mountains and a few days ago climbed 3500 ft in 1 day-they were the steepest hills I've ever cycled up (well the only hills really!), but I was shocked that I did not walk one inch of the way! However, I have done something to my knee as a result of pushing too hard (feels like a spot of tendinitis). I have been icing and hopefully it will recover today but the hills go on into Kentucky also! Within the next two days we will be passing the border from Virginia to Kentucky, so excited!

The place we are today (where we are having our rest day) is a small town where the Appalachian trail runs through (Damascus) so there are many hikers and bikers, out door shops, bike shops and coffee shops. Quite honestly I don't care what facilities are here, I am just glad not to sit my arse on that bike!

Anyway my time is limited here, there are lots of travellers wanting to use this one computer that I am currently hogging so bye for now! Missing you all, lots of love x

You can see our route so far below...

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