Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ashgrove to Pittsburg, Kansas

Today is our rest day in Pittsburg, KS. We arrived at our lovely air conditioned motel for 2 nights after a 73 mile (half hilly, half flat with big winds) cycle to get here. We crossed the border from Missouri into Kansas about 4 miles before entering our destination, Pittsburg, so havn't had a chance to see much of Kansas yet.

This morning we went to the one and only bike shop in Pittsburg to find that they had completely almost run out of stock due to another large group of cyclists coming through. I thought this explanation sounded a little strange as they would have had to have bought the entire shop!! Anyway, we did manage to get 2 more water bottles and holders for our bikes as looking at the Kansas maps, it appears that some days there may be up to 50 miles without any water stops (Kansas is vast and desolate apparently!)

A group of us then decided to check out the outdoor store for some camping fans (since we cannot sleep in our tents at night!) and to our great surprise they were giving a free lunch cooked on some BBQ grills they were trying to sell - lucky for us it was lunch time and we were hungry so burgers and hotdogs all round it was!! We didn't tell them that we were travelling across the country on bikes so the chances of us actually purchasing one of this BBQ's was ZERO. They didn't have any fans by the way so we will continue to be cooked alive until our next rest day which won't be until we are in Colorado!

Off for a swim now (in the lovely Econolodge motel pool) and then to the cinema to see Toy Story 3! This is becoming a bit of a habit on rest days as you may have gathered as the cinema is one of the few places you can hide out that has air conditioning and the chances of dropping dead is the heat is therefore reduced greatly!

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  1. Hey, kids... nice photos! Sounds like you really do need a couple days to chill, literally, and to regain your strength. The next week or so should be fairly flat for you, but when you turn north heading for Pueblo, Colorado, you've got at least two, maybe three, weeks of mountains, not hills. Yellowstone is on your route, which will make it all worth the climb. Hang in, there.. you can do this! Geoff