Saturday, 22 May 2010

Williamsburg & Yorktown

We have just finished a short 30 miler today from Williamsburg to Yorktown and back again. We arrived at Williamsburg yesterday (21st) and met with the rest of the group. Following a 2 hour 'group meeting' to establish how we eat, sleep and read maps, we had a lovely dinner cooked for us by our leaders Michael and Steve in the motel car park (or 'parking lot' as the American's say!). Everyone was very friendly, getting to know one another and trying to work out why the hell they were doing this crazy thing!!

This morning, we all met for the first time in the car park of our motel in our full cycling gear with bikes-so funny watching everyone checking out each others bikes, gadgets, Lycra and leg muscles! There are some impressive calf muscles amongst us!!

We set off to Yorktown (the official start line of the TransAm route) for the 'dipping of the wheels in the ocean' ceremony. It was glorious-sunny weather, beachy, small town with whole foods market.

I really enjoyed today. I was so worried about actually starting but now feel better...yes there are proper cyclists amongst the group, including one guy that is using this trip as part of his Ironman training (will I join him in his swims and runs I wonder? Maybe when I get a bit stronger!). Its funny because to look at, this guy is the most incapable, clumsy, incompetent person, and I know he doesn't mind me saying as he's already commented himself that he looks like Lawrence of Arabia (he is clothed from head to toe as he's worried about getting sunburn!), but his bike weighs as much as a feather and he flies along the road (most of the time in the wrong direction) but hey he can afford to go wrong with his carbon!

Roads here are sooo made for cycling-smooth and straight (ish). I didn't have to 'unclip' for 15 miles today and that was only because we were turning around to come back!!! We can do so much more distance in less time it seems on these roads, which is a great thing!

So many things to tell, such little time...we are very busy you know, must get back to camp for 6pm for dinner and have to do laundry before that-this is all we have to worry about!!

Miss you all ...but actually really having fun at the moment. I'm sure that will change in probably ooh 3 days but until then....

oh and I took a fall today as well, about 100 yards from our motel-trying to turn left and forgetting I had to watch out for cars...not enough time to unclip! I'm fine though, taken worse falls!

Tomorrow is our first day of the tour where we cover are officially, on our way across the country-49 miles tomorrow. Will let you know how we get on when we next have access to the Internet...Bye for now x

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