Thursday, 20 May 2010

Washington - Done. 20th May 2010

Hey everyone! This morning we are preparing to leave our little cosy guest house in Washington and meet with Jeff (another adventure cyclist on our tour!). Jeff has kindly offered his and his family's hospitalty and home to us for 1 night (tonight) before we travel together along with another adventure cyclist Hugh, down to Williamsburg tomorrow.

Our room looks like we've been burgled, its that messy, so I don't know how were going to manage in a tent! Better still, I don't know how I fitted everything into my bag, as I can't fit it back in now!! We had great fun exploring in Washington...saw the White House and Capitol Hill (of course!), visited the Natural History Museum (where we turned ourselves into neanderthals!) and saw a 44 carat diamond (now thats what I'm talking about Robin!), visited the archives where we saw (or robin saw whilst I sat on a bench waiting for him) the original documents of Magna Carta, Constitution and bill of rights. Very exciting!

Yesterday we decided to go for a run, not knowing where we were going, getting caught up in all sorts of fast roads!! In the end, we ditched Robin's attempt at navigating and went with my plan....follow the other runners!! Well, it worked didn't it?? Although there appear to be alot of fast runners in Washington, so after about 10 minutes of sprinting after some guy, we landed up in a lovely park...great.

Last night we enjoyed a lovely Italian at Dupont Circle, our last indulgence before the big ride and 83 days of camping! Dupont circle is very French looking, just like being in Paris. I had to remind myself I was in America!

Anyway enough for now...probably won't be posting for some time now as we have no idea where our next internet access will be or when that will be.

All take care and lots of love x

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