Tuesday, 18 May 2010

18th May-Washington DC!

Well we have arrived at the Nation's capital-Washington DC. After a fab sunday before leaving (we celebrated Iola Belle's christening, Dewi and Louvain's birthday and us leaving!), we had an unsettled night of wondering whether the volcanic ash would prevent us from flying as many of the UK airports closed and with our track record of natural disasters (remember our honeymoon!!). But to our shock, we were the only airline still flying. I guess Richard Branson didn't want to lose any more money! I did wonder whether it was safe to fly mind!! Better still we had half hour knocked off our journey time (due to lack of traffic in the air I think!!).

So after a relaxing, pain free, 2 films, lunch and afternoon tea flight, we arrived at Dulles International. Our luck was in, 2 bikes awaited us in one piece!! But our luck run out...well Robin's luck run out...his bag didn't turn up, so he is currently on the phone (hair fluff ball thanks to no hair gel!) trying to find a way to get it back!! I think were both glad it was his bag and not mine because there would have been major drama if it had have been mine!! As it happens, I've got clean underwear on, and Robin hasn't, but I did offer him a spare pair of mine! I'm being supportive.

The guest house were in is cosy and very nice. We are off to sight see now. Not sure what were going to do or where we are going to go (apart from getting robin some underwear and a razor) because we havn't really planned this bit but we have 2 days to relax (and probably do a bit of running) before heading to meet with Jeff and Hugh (2 other cyclists in Washington) to travel down to Williamsburg, our start line.

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