Saturday, 15 May 2010

The time for training is over...

Time for training is over. Our bikes are packed up in boxes. House full of bags and it's beginning to sink in. Virginia is a long way from Oregon. 83 days is a long time. The Rockies are not small. What about bears?! After what will be an amazing family weekend of Christenings and Birthdays... it'll be a just few days and then we'll be on the Atlantic knowing that we've got to get to the Pacific on our puff alone.

Thanks for all support (via of RedR, who save and rebuild the lives of people affected by disasters worldwide. Really appreciated.

Some campsites wont have running water, so don't expect daily updates but this blog will be our way of capturing and sharing some of our adventure. We've got an itinerary - injuries and cougars permitting...

Next post and we'll be on our way! Ash clouds permitting.

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