Saturday, 31 July 2010

White Bird to New Meadows to Cambridge, ID

Yesterday we cycled from White Bird to New Meadows which was a 61, fairly hilly ride through pretty much similar scenery as the day before (winding roads alongside river, with trees bordering), with some small towns on the way to stop at for breaks. Riggins was one of these towns whereby we pulled up outside a nice looking cafe for a mid morning coffee and Robin noticed that his spedometor was reading that we were travelling at 95mph. Well I can tell you we certainly were not. After thorough exploration as to the reasons why this may have happened (on Robin's part as he was highly distressed by this inconvenience. All I wanted to do was get my coffee!), Robin discovered (or rather thinks that he has discovered) that the cause of this were some radioactive rocks that were in a truck we parked next to!! Hmmm, I'm not so sure. Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that the spedometer is now in full working order and clearly displayed that we were going at 12mph today in the wind (thats more like it)! Last night we stayed at a hot springs camp site with a lodge type place attached to the hot springs pool, which was thriving in the 1950's (there are old photos everywhere). The decor hadn't changed much either but was very cosy and we spent an evening playing air hockey in the games room trying to escape from the heat outside.

Today we travelled from New Meadows to Cambridge and besides the last 20 miles of head wind, the 51 mile ride has been very pleasant, after yesterday's climb, today was mostly downhill with no major dramas!

We are beginging to think about our plans for the end of our cycle tour now as we have 11 days remaining and will hit the border of Oregon in just 2 days time-how exciting! We are also trying to make sure we spend all of our group budget remaining so a few motel nights will be coming up which will be great for the end of our trip! But lets not dwell on the end too much for now as we still have the whole length of Oregon to travel.

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