Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Welcome to Colourful Colorado! Ordway to Pueblo; Pueblo to Canon City

So, Robin was on cooking duty but, since it was the Fourth July and since local T-bone steaks were on offer, we got talking to a local restaurant who agreed to cook up the slabs of almost half a cow per person - wowsers. The breeze had been picking up and, after a short burst of sunshine, the clouds returned with a vengeance. Thick black and billowing with thunder and lightning. We set off to the nearby Sugar City fireworks more like storm chasers than party goers but amazingly the storm blew over by the time we arrived. All of the 200 residents appeared to have turned out and the local fire department proceeded to set off some dodgy fireworks (at least three didn't quite work on the lift off bit and just exploded on the ground - prompting loads of cheers from the locals!) whilst Luc got eaten by Mosquitoes (she is literally applying the Benadryl next to me as I type!). The fireworks were good but what made the night was the backdrop of thunderstorm clouds - towering 50 mile wide columns of cloud illuminated by lightning sheets and forks - at least six storms covered the horizon!

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