Sunday, 4 July 2010

Leoti to Eads, CO (79 miles) to Ordway, CO (61 miles)

The past couple of days have seen us travel into Colorado (sixth state), cross another time zone (now 7 hours ahead of home), and reach 2000 mile marker! Eads was again a very small town with many shops looking as though they had closed down. We did manage to find the local pharmacy and mini supermarket though which appeared to have everything you could possibly want anyway, so can't complain. We stayed in a very basic motel with a very comfy bed (thats all you need after 79 miles!) and spent the afternoon having a nap and relaxing! Throughout our ride today, we met many other cyclists. There is a group of about 25 cycling the US for MS and taking a similar route and schedule that we are currently so we chatted with many of them on yesterday's ride into Eads, which makes for slightly more interesting cycling - we love each other dearly but sometimes a change of face is nice! The crossing into Colorado was our most colourful yet! Check out the sign! And it's always nice to put your watch back an hour!

Today was great - finally we had a little tailwind, although it took Robin a considerable amount of time to convince me that we were actually getting a tailwind (I couldn't feel it until we turned around to go back on ourselves by about 100 yards as we'd missed the turn for 'America's smallest Jail' and then I definately felt the headwind!). The smallest Jail was literally 1 cell in the middle of nowhere. I checked to see whether it was still operational - it looked fully furnished but there was noone inside! Already the strong aggressive winds of Kansas seem to have faded and Colorado almost resembles a desert; without the desert heat. Today was very cool and we had to wear our jackets for some of the ride!

Coasting in Ordway, we located our hotel (yes we are being spoilt lately - will have to dust off our tents next time we use them!) to find that our rooms were not quite ready; understandably since we had arrived at 1030am, that wind really did give us a push I guess! We have our room now, absolutely lovely old hotel with a bath, which I have just enjoyed! Robin is cooking with Mike tonight and there is extra pressure on as its the 4th JULY!! Independence day so very important to celebrate - we are having steak and chicken (for those who don't like steak) and Mike has convinced the hotel staff to cook it for us at a small cost. So, actually all that Robin has had to do is buy the food! Tonight, after our good meal we intend to visit some fireworks!!  a              

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