Monday, 9 August 2010

Western Oregon - the last leg!!

Well the time is amost here for us to say goodbye to our bikes and I have to be honest, I've loved this experience but I'll be glad to see the back of them (the bikes that is, not our fellow cyclists!). We have arrived in Alsea today, just 30 miles from the coast, although tomorrow will be approximately a 66  mile day as when we reach the coast, we then cycle another 30 or so miles down the coast to Florence, our final destination. Today we came just 50 miles from Harrisburg. The original plan was to stop over at Colburg last night in the Truckers motel, but we ended up cycling a furhter 12 miles onto Harrisburg when Steve arrived in the van at the Truckers Motel and saw what we would be staying in. His words were 'it's a complete dive'. Anyway those extra 12 miles were worth it as we ended up staying in a rather nice hotel/resort type place with a pool and hot tub. Well we have a fair amount of money left for accommodation so we have to spend it some way or another!

Two days ago, Jeff's son Eric joined us from Anchorage (Alaska), where he has been living with his girlfriend for approximately 18 months. He is cycling the last 4 days with us and has fortunately had one of the most beautiful rides ever with us (2 days ago-Redmond to Blue River). We had the McKenzie Pass to climb at 5,500 ft which was beautiful.

North and Middle Sister
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North and Middle Sister volcanoes in the McKenzie Pass region of Oregon. The McKenzie Pass region is lava and volcanoes in all directions as far as the eye can see. At the top we were surrounded by hundreds of years old volcanic rock which had at one point been hot lava flow. We could also see the snow topped three sisters mountains in the distance. This was followed by a descent which was seemingly endless through forested narrow switch back roads! A little scary coming down but lovely! The Cascade mountains included a 4000 ft descent - dry desert scrub to bleak snow capped peaks and lava fields to lush green soaring forests.  I have ensured Eric though that we havn't always had this type of luxury on the TransAm so he shouldn't give his dad a hard time about 'living it up'.

Fundraising News
Just been told that our cycle ride is slightly further than the distance from London Heathrow to Delhi, India!! America is a big place! Oh and we've raised a little over 30p a mile, so far. If you would like to support us, please just click on Thanks so much.

Fundraising News News
Just found out that we've made the South Wales Echo!... How exciting!

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